CA Amresh Kumar Vashisht
IT Committee Chairman

Meerut Branch Of CIRC Of ICAI

 On behalf of the IT Committee Chairman Message, I would like to extend my sincere welcome to all the delegates, students, and faculty attending the ITT Lab.

The mission of ITT lab is to provide a forum for researchers, high school teachers, students, and practitioners to share their research findings among a network of key employers, and experts in Information Technology that shapes our emerging society.

As a result of the recent closure of Computer training nationwide, local ITT students are exploring opportunities to continue their education at other postsecondary institutions in our region.  Accordingly, I have reached out to several CA member institutions with relevant program offerings to provide information that can assist them in helping students through this time of transition. While individual institutions retain sole control over admissions decisions and transfer of credits, we hope all CA member institutions will do whatever they can to help these students navigate their options and minimize any disruptions to their education.


IT Committee Chairman